Saturday, May 18, 2013

Naruto: Sage of the Six Paths

Image From: LeXx56K

We all know the story about the Sage of the Six Paths.  He was the only one that was able to defeat the Ten Tails and is revered as a god.  The question is do we need another Sage of the Six Paths to defeat the Ten Tails? Will Naruto be the next Sage of the Six Paths?  What exactly would have to happen for Naruto to gain the Rinnegan?  Madara was able to awaken the Rinnegan after infusing himself with Senju DNA, but it was too late in his life so he secretly implanted his eyes into Nagato. Nagato and Naruto are both  descendants of the Senju Clan. Is the only way he can gain the Rinnegan by transplant? From who?

Image From: DarkMaza
Image From wbgz92

The Juubi seemed to get a flash of the Sage of the Six Paths after seeing Naruto.  Could he really be the reincarnation of the Sage of the Six Paths and awaken the Rinnegan without the need for transplant.

The Sage of the Six Paths told the young tailed beasts that someone would come and lead them on the right path.  Naruto will obviously be that person.